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In a few days, from June 6 - 9, we will be called upon to cast our vote in the 2024 European elections. For the first time in Germany, 16 to 18-year-olds will have a say in the future of Europe. At a time when extremists and anti-EU parties are undermining the fundamental values of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union, the elections are a decisive moment for the future of our democracy and our liberal way of life. Therefore, please also promote participation in the election and a vote for democratic, pro-European parties in your private and professional environment. It makes a difference!

Over the past months, we at the EM Germany have joined forces with our member organizations in a variety of ways to promote the European idea and participation in the European elections. For instance, we have been pursuing a networking campaign with umbrella organizations and our member organizations, we were involved in a film by Joko&Klaas on a scenario without the EU and have held public discussions with the top representatives of all our member parties in cooperation with Table.Media.

As with the founding of EM Germany on June 13, 1949 in Wiesbaden, we are coming together in the face of threats to peace, freedom and democracy. That is why we have jointly launched the broadest call for votes for the European elections in Germany! Despite our differences and interests, we are taking a clear stance against Europe’s enemies, both internally and externally!

As always, we take a diverse and interconnected approach. After all, people participate in elections because there is a real choice between democratic parties and perspectives. And we know which outdated and future-threatening parties we must not vote for under any circumstances.

2024 helps us look back on 1949. We as the European Movement Germany are not only celebrating our pro-European Constitution but also our own 75th-year anniversary with the Council of Europe, which was founded on May 5, 1949. Together we celebrate our commitment to a unified Europe that stands for peace, human rights, freedom and democracy across the continent. The European Movement (EMI), founded in 1948 as the parent organization of EM Germany, helped prepare the founding of the Council of Europe on May 5, 1949 and only a few weeks later, on June 13, 1949, founded the German Council of the European Movement – the European Movement Germany. People marked by war and persecution represented a new opportunity for Germany in Europe, among these were Eugen Kogon, Elly Heuss-Knapp, Walter Hallstein and Konrad Adenauer, to name a few. I highly recommend the speech by Carlo Schmid.

We are safeguarding this knowledge about the future from the past and celebrating with many partners, especially the Council of Europe and the Federal Foreign Office. On June 13, 2024, our 75th birthday, we will start with an inventory and EM Germany analysis, together with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of Europe and a small ceremony.

You can also look forward to other high-level and informative events in the fall!

Dr. Linn Selle

President of the European Movement Germany e.V.

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EM Germany News

European Movement Germany calls for European elections 2024 | Europe has the choice. Last weekend, the EM Germany and a broad alliance of co-signing member organizations called for a pro-European vote on 9 June. In order to protect a united Europe and liberal democracy against authoritarian nationalism.
The election appeal calls for a strong and effective European Union and a responsible German European policy. Here you can read the press release on the joint election appeal for the European elections | More (in German)

Brussels Alumni at the Belgian Embassy in Berlin | A touch of Brussels in the German capital. Together with Süddeutsche Zeitung Dossier and the Belgian Embassy, the EM once again hosted the “Brussels Alumni in Berlin” Network event last week. The event created a space for lively exchange and the opportunity for former Brussels Alumnis to network on European politics in Berlin. The EBD has been organizing the exchange of the constantly growing network since 2011 with the support of the Belgian Embassy in Germany. This year, SZ-Dossier was gained as a further cooperation partner. | More (in German)

EM-Secretary General in conversation at the Democracy Festival to mark 75 years of the Basic law of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany | Our Basic Law has given Germany 75 years of freedom, peace and democracy. To mark this occasion, a three-day Democracy Festival was organised in the political heart of Berlin around the Chancellery and the Reichstag. At the European dialogue with European Minister of State Dr. Anna Lührmann, EM Board Member Dr. Jana Puglierin and Lisa Ribier European Parliament in Germany, EM-Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann spoke about the importance of democracy and the European idea. Incidentally, it is not only the Basic Law that is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, the Council of Europe and the EM Germany are also turning 75 in the European election year. | More (in German)

Dr. Linn Selle and Dr. Jana Puglerin at Joko und Klaas live | What if the EU ceased to exist tomorrow? No Europe means, no free internal market, no free travel, no Erasmus and educational exchange programmes, no cultural exchange. The consequences for the national economy and civil society as well as for every single German citizen would be catastrophic. EM-President Dr. Linn Selle and EM-Board Member Dr. Jana Puglierin painted a sinister future scenario in 15 minutes of ‘Joko und Klaas live’, which impressively demonstrated the importance of Europe for EU citizens and the socio-political world stage to the ProSieben television audience. | More

EM-President discusses with Robert Habeck | The EU of tomorrow: How do we combine European competitiveness and freedom, peace, social justice and effective climate protection? Dr. Linn Selle discussed these and other questions with Federal Minister and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. The focus was on combining competitiveness, the ability to act and resilience of Germany and the EU, as well as the economy in harmony with European values. | More (in German)

Award ceremony Women of Europe 2024 | Hanna Veiler is Woman of Europe 2024. On 6 May 2024, the EM honoured the German activist and publicist, President of the Jewish Student Union of Germany (JSUD) and Vice President of the European Jewish Students Union for her outstanding social commitment. In her speech, Dr. Linn Selle emphasised that the fight against extremism and for the respect and enforcement of human rights is more relevant than ever. We all have a role to play in the fight against anti-Semitism and the preservation of fundamental rights in our society. Hanna Veiler was nominated for this award by the German Federal Youth Council. | More (in German)

Day of action for the 2024 European elections | A joint digital day of action was held at the end of April to kick off the EM Germany network campaign for the 2024 European elections. In cooperation with the European Parliament's liaison office in Germany, the Federal Network for Civic Engagement and the Europa-Union Deutschland, numerous EM Germany member organisations addressed the public via social media with the message #NutzedeineStimme. A moving video message from the European Parliament was used to jointly call for the European elections and emphasise the importance of the vote. | More

Upcoming Events

06.06.2024 | Table.Media cooperation for the 2024 European elections with Daniel Caspary (CDU), Dr. Nils Redeker, Deputy Director of the Jacques Delors Centre, Till Hoppe, Editorial Director Europe.Table. and Dr. Linn Selle, President of the European Movement Germany e.V.

09.06.2024 | Joint EU election evening at the European House. Together with the Liaison Office of the European Parliament, we will follow the election coverage and the projections on the distribution of seats. EM-President Dr. Linn Selle will discuss and evaluate the results with other guests of the evening. In addition to the European Movement Germany e.V., the Europa-Union Germany, the JEF, the Schwarzkopf Foundation, the Citizens' Network for Civic Engagement and the European Academy Berlin are involved as partners.

10.06.2024 | Review of the European elections with the NRW State Representation. Discussion with the top candidates Dr. Katarina Barley MEP (SPD), Sergey Lagodinsky MEP (Bündnis90/Die Grünen), David McAllister MEP (CDU), Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann MEP (FDP), among others. The event can be followed via livestream.

13.06.2024 | Anniversary celebration of 75 years of the European Movement Germany e.V. and the Council of Europe and EM briefing on Lithuania's chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe with Simonas Šatūnas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Dr. Anna Lührmann, Minister of State for Europe and Climate, EM Germany President Dr. Linn Selle, EM Germany Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann, Barbara Gessler, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Germany, Matjaž Gruden, Director for Democracy at the Council of Europe, and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mittag, Jean Monnet Chair of Political Science and Sport, German Sport University Cologne.

01.07.2024 | EBD De-Briefing European Council with Sibylle Katharina Sorg, Head of the European Department of the Federal Foreign Office and European Commissioner, Dr. Kirsten Scholl, Head of the European Department at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection and EM Germany Secretary General Bernd Hüttemann.

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